What is "Canon"?

This is not canon, sadly...

Star Trek canon is defined as:

  • the television / streaming series

    • Star Trek (The Original Series) (TOS),

    • Star Trek: The Animated Series (TAS),

    • Star Trek: The Next Generation (TNG),

    • Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (DS9),

    • Star Trek: Voyager (VOY),

    • Star Trek: Enterprise (ENT),

    • Star Trek: Discovery (DIS),

    • Star Trek Short Treks (ST),

    • Star Trek: Picard (PIC),

    • Star Trek: Lower Decks (LD),

    • Star Trek: Prodigy (PRO), and

    • Star Trek: Strange New Worlds (SNW);

  • the film series

    • The Motion Picture (ST I or TMP),

    • The Wrath of Khan (ST II or TWK),

    • The Search For Spock (ST III or TSS),

    • The Voyage Home (ST IV or TVH),

    • The Final Frontier (ST V or TFF),

    • The Undiscovered Country (ST VI or TUC),

    • Generations (ST VII or GEN),

    • First Contact (ST VIII or FC),

    • Insurrection (ST IX or INS), and

    • Nemesis (ST X or NEM);

  • and the reboot film series

    • Star Trek (2009) (ST 09),

    • Into Darkness (ST ID), and

    • Beyond (ST BEY).

Alpha Canon includes officially licensed print materials, such as movie tie-in comics, novelizations of canon productions, and the like.

Beta Canon includes productions licensed by CBS or Paramount Pictures but not produced by either, such as novels and other published works of fiction and non-fiction.

For the sake of this guide, only official canon material is acknowledged.

Editor's Note: When canon is found to contradict itself, we find it best to assume the newest information to be official as long as it can be justified in universe. Otherwise, assume it is correct for that series / movie.

Is the Millennium Falcon in the Star Trek canonical universe?

  • Yes. In "Star Trek: First Contact", Starfleet received some assistance from the ship that could make the Kessel Run in fourteen twelve parsecs.

  • Reference: This article at Eggpedia

The Official Star Trek Cannon fires Star Trek DVDs and is wholly ineffective as a siege weapon.